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Visual Authoring Tool

The Virtual Expert Toolkit includes a Visual Authoring Tool that makes creating an expert system as simple as drawing a flowchart. Once created, the system automatically generates the expert system from the flowchart.

Brand Customisation

Virtual Expert can be customised to reflect the visual design of your brand. From updating the colours and fonts, to the layout and user interface controls, our platform is designed to fit your design requirements.

Seamless Integration

We can seamlessly integrate Virtual Expert within your current website, allowing users to access your expert system without being transferred to a separate website.

Language Support

Virtual Expert is as multi-lingual as your customers are, and our direct translation method allows you to add alternate language options without the need to make changes to your existing expert system.

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Case Study

Bupa is one of the world's most trusted healthcare brands, offering medical insurance and comprehensive healthcare services across the globe

They were looking to add customised interactive health management tools to their online clinical information and find a suite of integrated Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) to make available across its many countries and businesses.

Expert-24 helped them to achieve this.

"As soon as we had seen a demo of the expert-24 tool we were hooked and knew this was the right choice for us as it was so easy to use. The whole team at expert-24 were so dedicated to getting everything absolutely right."

Jeremy Theobald

Managing Health Editor


Case Study

WebMD is the world's biggest healthcare brand in terms of volume, awards and recognition.

They needed an approach that would allow them dramatically to reduce their development timescales for the production of condition management tools. WebMD had a large, and growing, backlog of assessments, and were concerned about the development and maintenance costs for each item.

In a matter of minutes, WebMD justified the costs of expert-24 and acquired an enterprise wide license, and have been continuously developing assessments for the past 5 years.

"Before we started using the virtual expert toolkit it took us ten times longer to create one health check."

"The virtual expert toolkit made our suite of health checks financially viable because we could build them so quickly."


Case Study

Group Health represents one of the most respected health delivery and research organisations.

They had developed their own award winning health risk assessment, that was tightly integrated into their delivery network, and had received wide acclaim. However, their delivery platform had not kept up with their requirements. Even though it was a relatively new system, they found it expensive and slow to change and limited their development possibilities.

They wanted a platform that would support their development for 10 years, expand the functions currently provided in health management and decision support and allow their health professionals to own, manage and extend their content.

"Because we can use their tool ourselves, we stay close to the medical decision-making that sits behind our complex health assessments. It’s wonderful that we don’t have to use costly programming resources; content changes can be made by my staff after just three days of training."

Maureena Moran

Executive Director of Web Services

Group Health

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